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29th-Aug-2011 09:20 pm - Jun day and Japan icons!
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei
Happy Birthday Jun! : D Photobucket Photobucket
I hope everyone is having a great marvelous amazing Jun day!  PhotobucketPhotobucket

The thing I hate the most about this day is that it always tells me my holidays are almost over, and specially this year because:
Photobucket summer holidays are actually smaller than last year because I'm already in Uni and had exams till late July
PhotobucketI am taking my driver's lesson so I had lectures everyday while I was at town
PhotobucketMy parents decided to spend 2 weeks in their hometown, adding to the almost 2 weeks we were in France it makes almost a month I was not here with my friends
PhotobucketThat means it was also almost a month I was without internet connection
PhotobucketSince I'm now in the second year of Uni classes will also start 2 weeks earlier than last year when I was a freshmen
All in all this means I had less time to watch Arashi goodies, jdramas or kdramas or immerse myself in the fandom as much as I used to...Photobucket

Well, I know this is Jun's day, so I should be posting something related to him bu I had no time to make something good so I posting some icons I made. True, they are not that complex, they are some random stuff I took from wallpapers I am currently using and some photos of Japan I found on the internet and I took a square..xD I just made some changes using...guess what... office word. :p

I think they all represent a bit of Japan, that country I love. My fav has to be number 26, dango love. PhotobucketPhotobucketWhat about yours? : )

1 2 3 4

5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12

13 14 15 16

17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24

25 26 27 28

29 30 31 32

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Feel free to take whichever pleases you just don't forget to credit. And comments are loved! Photobucket 
When, since we're talking about credit here, most of the photos I used are from photojapan. Highly recommend for those who like photograph and japan.


23rd-May-2011 11:26 pm - Nino's new girlfriend
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei
Ok, I don't usually have much interest in this kind of things. I am not jealous of my idols (and I will never understand why japanese fans are, although I've tried, I promise..xD) and I am not that interested in whether they are dating or not. 
As long as they keep providing me with such wonderful songs, dramas and shows where you get happy because you can see how they are having fun themselves. As long as they are happy single or not, that's enough for me. 
But I entered Jpopasia just now and there was this breaking news about Nino dating Sasaki Nozomi. This is just speculation but if this is true I do think she is really cute. 

This was her first impression on Nino when she went to HnA vip room. One of the best Nino has ever had, I suppose.

And then she explained why. (even if they are not dating I suppose they are somehow friends, so I think she was not wrong, ne? Of course he would be someone to hang out with! ^^)

However she said her boyfriend tyoe was Aiba, the less idol-like and she ended up choosing him. Don't be sad Nino for losing for the monkey-like guy, better opportunities will come, ok? : )

Hum, let's see whether that is true or not, they are at the age of dating and getting married actually but that's up to them, ne? 

12th-May-2011 11:22 pm - The world is beautiful : )

The world is ugly when you can’t sleep during a whole week and still have to be awake in classes.

The world is ugly when you are so busy you can’t even phone to your friends.

The world is ugly when the time runs through your fingers and you can’t find the time to watch Bartender.

The world is ugly when you only realize you need to study when it’s too late.

The world is ugly when they give you only a week of Easter holidays and you only want to murder them for calling holidays to a week when all you do is study.

The world is ugly when the subjects to which you study harder are the ones you get the lower grades.

The world is ugly when you see the best moments of your life passing next to you because you were not able to catch the opportunities you were given.

The world is ugly when you can’t find anywhere Gantz with Japanese audio and English subs. (really, does anyone know where I can find it?)

The world is beautiful when after all that the first news you receive when logging in in LJ after a month is that Arashi is releasing a new album!

The world is beautiful when you can finally download loads of Arashi videos and actually watch them!

The world is beautiful when Shun has a collab with Arashi! Yey! Yey!

The world is beautiful when there are rumors of a Juntoshi drama! : ) Want to watch, want to watch! >_<

The world is beautiful when you accidentally, during those times when you simply go clicking on suggested videos on Youtube you fin Nino with curls.

 Ok, this is actually true, I was listening to The Bawdies and there was this live performance and I glanced at it because I was “supposedly” studying really hard and I was like “Nino new hairstyle?”. Well, he looks like Nino doesn’t him? And even the way he smiles is similar. xD Check the all song cause it’s really great btw. : )



Oh, and finally, the world is beautiful when you finally can have a decent night of sleep! : )


4th-Feb-2011 03:27 pm - Watashi, Freeter wo suki
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei
Hi!! It's me again! ^^

I know most of you have already watched Freeter so this will come as no spoiler or even a reason to watch but still I wanted to do this.

I finished watching Freeter today. And should I add that I started watching it yesterday? Yes, I had been listening to Hatenai Sora and thinking I have to watch it but then I also have to study. Damm! >_<

So I decided to chose a picture for each episode and do a picspam! (Why am I so into picspam lately? hum..dunno...)


oh, so much pictures to chose from...Collapse )



3rd-Feb-2011 08:19 pm - Androi au cms review. >_
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei

I finally have time for myself! Yey! Rejoice with me! xD

Exam period is over. I will redo one because I want a better grade but since I’ve already passed I don’t need to be studying non stop like I’ve been this past month. I’m so happy that I can have one week of holidays! Finally! >_<

So, now I have to try to make up for all the lost time. I will definitely watch Freeter tomorrow! That’s my first objective.

And oh Lotus! I love it! Some dance yey! True, I love their sweet love songs, but usually I fall faster for dance PVs. >_< I am so looking forward for the full version of the MV and the song as well as for Bartender. It’s already tomorrow right? I want to see how Aiba has changed as an actor after My Girl since I think he did grown a lot during that drama.

And today I watched the Au Android CMs, the 60 of them. They broke 3 records in a day, how amazing is that? I have to say that by the 40th I was already tired of the “What’s Android au?” and the final song but I would definitely watch 60 or 120 or more just because I knew that after that Arashi would pop up from somewhere  … (literally, they can pop up from everywhere)

android au picspamCollapse )



“What’s Android au?”

15 minutes of pure cuteness and rainbow happiness! =D

And Happy Chinese New Year everyone! =D



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