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Boku no Miteiru Fuukei

Jun had an accident! Oo
He's ok, it was only a minor accident, but well, he HAD a car accident and that worried me for a moment when I read it.

But altough he was not hurt nor was the accident anything special, they still reported it with details. I am refering to this . I mean, I'm pretty sure no one would do this here in Portugal to any celeb. They might had a small news, just like a reference, and maybe something a bit big on those afternoon shows, but no one would go as far as goig to the same local, talkg to people, ... I mean, it was a minor accident! >_<
But well, maybe it's because it's Jun, he is nor just anyone...xD

And now something unrelated, after GReeeeN my newest non-JE J-music addiction is Funky Monkey Babys. They have such happy and uplifting songs, and the lyrics are so beautiful and the PVs are sad and magnificiently done and the DJ is really funny and yeah, I am really in love with their songs.
Some of their PVs star some celebs like Hanya, Erika Toda, a man that has appeared in HnA's Host Royale, a woman who appeared on the Arashi Plus One (Gackt) Vs Female Comedians, and others...

Currently my favourite song is this one (with the man that appeared in Host Royale that I can't remember the name). But if you like it and don't know this band I greatly recomment you to check the rest of their songs. I'm sure you'll love it and feel refreshed! ^^

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31st-Jan-2010 02:06 pm(no subject)
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei


I should be studying now, but I don't really fell like reading books. I mean, why do they give us so much stuff to study?! >_< don't teachers understand that I have J-dramas and Arashi shows to watch? xD

So I I was wondering what drama I should watch, browsing trough pages in wiki and watching related MVs in youtube when I finally made up my mind. Myu no Anyo Papa ni Ageru. In English, Myu will give Daddy her legs. And yes, this Daddy is MatsuJun.

I decided to watch this, which is a 1-episode Tanpatsu, after watching this beautiful MV. So about the middle of the MV I was already crying and that made it clear that I had to watch it. Yeah, I am a bit of extremes, like love real comedies that make me ROFL and sad and beautiful storys that make me cry a river.

It's a really beautiful story that makes you cry, of course, but also smile a lot due to the love of a family, specially between a daddy and a cute daugther. Yes, Myu is really cute, not so cute as Koharu-chan, but really cute.

But there's one strange thing about Daddy, he has this weird relation with sounds. I mean, I can understand him, but why would someone fell relaxed and able to sleep because of the sound of someone  searching for make up? xD But I think MatsuJun did a great job, considering that playing the role of a person with a disease like his and thus with deep toughts that are hard for us to understand is not easy I suppose.

And because I want you to watch it, if you haven't already, start by watching this MV. It sort of tell the all story but it doesn't ruin the will to watch the drama.

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27th-Jan-2010 06:17 pm - Wallpapers! YEY!
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei


Ok, I was supposed to post this on the 25th of course, but I just couldn't make it on time since I have been very busy with school so I couldn only upload them now.
But ever since I download Sho AnAn photos I knew I had to make some wallpapers. So I hope you like them! ^^

Yes, two of them have almost the same background. It's that I just now downloaded the edited two-pages picture by amtitude and I really wanted to make one wallaper with it but was too lazy to make another background so...xD

And well, I had to do a Jun's one as well, he is my ichiban after all...xD

Hope you like them! ^^

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13th-Sep-2009 10:56 pm - YeY!!

I was so happy to know that Mao-chan is going to appear ont he VIP segment of Himitsu no Arashi-chan. >.< I mean, I have already realized that the girls that appear there are not just some ordinary celebs, they are really famous. So Inoue Mao-chan coming there is not that surprising. Probably it will part of a promotion for the drama special Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara where she will be staring with Nino.

But it doesn't matter the reason, I am just SO looking forward to watch it. Of course I want her to choose Jun and something tells me that he is or was since the show was already recorded hoping for that to happen as well. I will be anxious for the end but I won’t skip it, no no, I will control myself. I know I can do it! xD And I will be like “Ganbare Jun!” everytime it is his time to show he is the ONE! OYEeah! >.<


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And on another note, I watched VS Arashi 68 yesterday, the one where Chinen Yuri and Yamada Ryosuke from HSJ (or NYCboys btw I don’t really like this name, but it’s ok) appear.

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And that's all for today!



24th-Jul-2009 06:20 pm - Bokura no Yuuki
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei

Today I just finished watching a 1997 jdorama which stars Kinki Kids and where Chibi Jun and Chibi Aiba also appear! ^^
Actually, I think it was the first drama they (Jun and Aiba) made under JE, or, at least, it is what is said on the wikipedia..xD I wanted to watch a drama where I could see my Chibi Ichiban so I started with this one: Bokura no Yuuki.

Personally, I think it was a really good drama. Ok, I know I am probably biased because every drama where MatsuJun has even a single minute of appearance is a good drama for me - even if it was to be just one minute I would be a bit mad because I wanted more, but still... - That's true, 13-year-old MatsuJun is hontoni kawaii, Aiba as well but I think he was not that good in this drama. But putting that aside, I think the plot was quite interesting and exciting, and it was a different story. It was also de first time I saw Kinki Kids as actors and they made a good impression. ^^


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As well as this, I also love the OST, even if there are not really many songs. But if I cried a lot watching this drama it was also thanks to the music. 
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