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6th-Mar-2010 11:02 pm(no subject)
Boku no Miteiru Fuukei
After a long time without coming here I am with a meme! xD

- Reply to this meme by tiping “Peace sign ID wa Super Fresh”
- I will then give you five words that remind me of you
- The post them in yout LJ and explain what they mean to you

 rabu_parade  gave me the following: (And I'll follow her by putting some photos...^^)

 1.      Jun 

(because I love chibi jun's smile)

Oh yeah, I am so dammed addicted to this person! >_< DoS-banchou, King, the sparkly MatsuJun or the dorky Junnosuke. I just love them all. I first saw him in HanaDan and, like most of Arashi fans, I was Jun-baited and I’m proud to be one! I love his acting skills and how is great as a rebel like Sawada, a dork like Momo, a passionate chara like Hayato . Ok, he is not the best singer, I’m aware of that, so what? He finds his solo in Love so Sweet too hard, but I bet Ohno would never sing Yabai-Yabai-Yabai or I want Somebody as good as him! >_< And his smile! Love it! *.*


     2.      Dramas

        (Hai, Hanadan forever, and there's no need to say anything else)

I first started to watch J-dramas because I wanted to see Honey and Clover with real people hoping it was better than the anime. Never finished it because it also didn’t appeal to me but Toma did, so I gave HanaKimi a try. I loved it and passed to HanaDan and then it went on and on. I just love doramas, they always have this uplifting endings and a moral to give. They are not boring and unrealistic like our soap operas. I can’t talk much about non Japanese dramas, since I only watched Boys Over Flowers (which I really liked but HanaDan is still the best) and The Devil (that a friend of mine suggested and was the reason I didn’t watch Maou. Oo Ok, you can kill me for not being loyal to Ohno and Toma.xD)


3.      Arashi

(And this is my current wallpaper, yes, just plain and simple, cuz I think I'm into a chibi Arashi mode...>_<)

Is it possible that only five people can brighten up a really boring and i-want-to-give-up day? Yes, it is if you’re talking about Arashi! I can’t pass a day without watching them, be it their shows, and AnS is my absolute fav, or their dramas or their PVs or their talk shows appearance…etc… They are dancers, singers, actors, hosts, dorks, artists, cookers, newscasters, sportsmen, otakus, fashiondivas, fishermen… I could go one, but I think that explains their grandiosity for now, ne?


4.      Johnny’s Entertainment

(Is there any problem with me loving the dorky Nakatsu? My first japanese love...>_<)

I think I can’t claim myself as a JE avid fan. I love Arashi, I also like News, I love Toma and Yamapi and like some, I insist, some of HSJ. But anything besides that is not something I adore. Ok, I know it, and love to watch Shounen Club, but please, don’t ask me the names of the members of any other group besides these ones, KAT-TUN and the duos… xD


5.      Music

(My Show-kun - yes, all my technological devices and other have names...xD - playing Tears from X-Japan ^^)

My best friend: My mp4-player. Ok, let’s not be too extreme, but he sure is one of my great companions. I can take loads of music everywhere with me. And I listen to a great variety of music. My first love was Britney Spears, when she was still innocent and singing with her voice, not with her body, along with a Portuguese girls band called NonStop. Then I was trough that age when all the girls loved Blue, and BackStreetBoys and Jesse McCartney, I still like their songs. I also like hip-hop and rap a lot, but I think I’ve overcome that. Now I love the 80s, like BeeGees, Queen, The Beatles, Abba, Guns’n’Roses, Bon Jovi, I like some disco like LadyGaga and BoA, I like emo-pop bands like Secondhad Serenade, Boys like Girls, Trading Yesterday and even some hardcore bands like The Chiodos and Fightstar. And yes, lots of J-pop and J-rock as well! ^^

PS: I wanna learn Troublemaker's dance! >_<
30th-Nov-2009 03:05 pm - Just a Meme

Leave me a comment saying "Meccha danger!"
→ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

These questions were asked by [info]rabu_parade

1. What is the worst drama you've ever watched?
I don't know, really, Because if I start to watch a drama I don't like I'll stop it. Even with Bambino, which had Jun in it, as I didn’t find the plot that interesting I only watched 2 episodes. (Maybe I'll start watching it someday..xD)

2. Which Arashi -member would you marry and why? (choose only one!)
Hum,I don't know. But maybe Sho. I think he has a good balance between intellectuality, craziness and handsomeness (or whatever word that means this..xD) Maybe he is the one which would more likely get well with me. ^^ (yes, I love Jun, but well...)

3. What's your favourite book from your childhood?
Astérix. I loved Astérix books when I was young. Nowadays I love to read, I kind of eat books, but I used to hate it, so I only liked to read comics. I had a lot of comic books, Donald, Mickey and mainly Astérix. If you're asking about books besides comics, I loved the Princess Diaries, although I haven't read the latest..xD

4. Which drama character would you marry and why?
Ok, and the marriage again. I think that's a difficult question because I like so many. >.< Ok, it doesn't have to be from an Asian drama, right? So, since I can't decide between Asian drama characters, I'll choose one from Friends. Yes, from Friends. And it would be Chandler. Why? Well, because he was funny, with intelligent humor, but there were some scenes between him and Monica that really touched me. He loved her so much. And that's what I need..xD

5. If you could switch places with an Arashi -member for one day, who would it be and why?
Ohno. I want to know what he thinks about all the times! >.< If that is possible. And he is also the one who gets to be close to the members more times, so that would mean I would be holding hands with Sho, hugging Jun, slapping Nino's a** and something else with Aiba..xD
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